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At goodscare we can help you create your own brand, taking it to the next level and explore new markets in the consumer goods and health care sector.

Whether you are a local company that is looking to bring out your own brand in your local market or a Principal of an established brand that is looking to enter new markets, our expertise can help you to take the right steps.

Private Label

You are a distributor who knows the brands and products available and required in your market and want to start your own brand.

We offer our services to help you create, redesign and configure your product and source the right manufacturing partner for it. With our experience and network of quality suppliers and manufacturers in various consumer product categories we can ensure the reliable supply chain of quality products to lift your brand’s market position to the next level.

  • Product development research
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Design support
  • Logistics
  • Order Handling
  • Marketing Advice
Brand Distribution

You are a manufacturer or brand holder of a quality brand in the consumer goods or health care sector looking to enter new markets.

We can help you with our professional network to enter, develop and market your brand in markets that you have not had the sources and manpower to explore. The key to conquer new markets, especially niche and rising markets is to find the right local partner and to become accustomed with the local rules, regulations and challenges. Even some of the Multinationals as well as strong other brands that are already successful in western markets are hesitant to go to the African continent or other less known regions due to their lack of the local cultural and economical experience.

We at goodscare can fill this gap and help you boost your brands’ sales beyond its current limits. As a reliable German based trading partner we can be the secure link between your goods and a new market.

Let's go!

We offer just the right services tailored for your business.